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Whole30 and beyond

I need to commit to updating this blog at least twice a week! Every time I get a thought that I want to write about, I just say to myself oh I will remember it and then I forget it.

Sunday was day 30 of the Whole30. Sadly, I did not eat whole30 approved foods that day. At least in the morning I didn’t. They cooked breakfast at church and I had all kinds of sausage and a couple of hash brown patties. Nothing terrible but definitely not beneficial in any way. I’m going to give it 100% this time. I am also starting over the paleo cleanse. Not because I feel like I need to but because I hate meal planning and there is so much variety laid out in the meal plan. The foods and recipes are really flavorful and easy to prepare.

It’s been brought to my attention that I am probably eating too much. The increase in volume of food is probably contributing to my stalled weight loss. BUT at the same time, I am in the gym lifting heavy weights. So if I see some muscle gain, I don’t mind it. I know I am not going to blow up like a balloon like I did in January. Especially not from eating whole foods. My last treat was half a larabar a couple of days ago. Another contributing factor could be my sodium levels causing me to hold water. Regardless of what it is, I know what to do to fix it. I need to focus better on portion control, eating to fuel my workouts, and not eating as much deli meat and the like. I can make my own sausage and eliminate the high sodium and also replace my deli meat with precooking some chicken how I like it in the beginning of the week.

What I really need to do is make some more bone broth and commit to drinking 2 cups a day! I have found that making a soup with added ingredients, I will just eat the ingredients and leave the broth instead of eating it all. So drinking a cup by itself will be tasty and most beneficial.

My kombucha SCOBY is 16 days old today. He is growing nicely! I am really excited to start my first brew. I’m going to do some more reading this afternoon to determine when he will  be ready. I still need to get to the beer and wine supply store to get some bottles for storing. I only have 2 empty GT kombucha bottles right now. I got my dad to try some apple bucha and he did not like it! He said the initial taste caught him off guard but that the aftertaste wasn’t terrible. It does take some getting used to. I wonder if the boys will like it. I haven’t even thought to let them try it.

I’m looking for more Christian based books on food addiction to read. I have read Made to Crave and I truly believe that book has changed the way I look at food forever. I still struggle but it’s way easier to deal with than before. I was made for more than the vicious cycle I was in before. I’m probably going to read Take Back Your Temple next although it is an e-book and I would rather have a tangible book. Going to Lifeway tonight after dinner to see what I can find. I will have more reading material by the end of the week though! Robb Wolf’s The Paleo Solution should be here by Friday. Not exactly Christian based but good reading material none-the-less.


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