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Monday I took the plunge and started Crossfit officially. I dabbled before with some Saturday classes and was planning on starting earlier this summer but with the move to Kernersville, things got hectic.

It’s tough. I am not going to lie. I don’t know how I survived this week. It’s not THAT terribly hard but it is challenging and I am known to quit when things get too hard. But I know that this community environment and constant pushing is what I need to stick with it and see results.

Monday was a scary day. I was learning a new lift I had never learned before, the snatch. It always looked so complicated and technical, and it is, but now I have it down. At least with an empty training bar that weighs 15 pounds! So we started with snatches, starting at 3 different positions and doing 3 reps in each position. After that we moved to snatch grip push press, 5 sets for 5 reps. Then back squats for 6 sets at 6 reps followed by back extensions 5 sets for 10 reps. I was sore for sure. But I learned to snatch and fixed my squat form. Day one success!

Tuesday a bit scarier! We did back squats again 7 sets for 5 reps. I have no idea what my maxes are in any of my lifts anymore so I just went with what I knew I could do. Once I get going a little more, I’m sure we will test one rep maxes at some point. I’m not too worried about it. After the squats, we did 7 power cleans and 10 toes to bar every minute on the minute. Pretty much got a 20-30 second rest after each exercise. I can not do toes to bar yet so I just did knee raises which was a challenge in itself.

Wednesday was probably the scariest day all week for me. We did the wod Helen. 3 rounds for time, run 400 meters, 21 kettelebell swings, 12 pull ups. I hate running. I impressed myself with the kettlebell swings because i used the 25lb and I did all 21 reps each round with no breaks. Once that thing was in the air, it stayed there. Pull ups were a different story. I was the last one to finish with the time of 16:22. I had people cheering for me to finish and keep going. It REALLY helps. I knew all eyes were on me and I didn’t want to let anyone down.

Today. Today was a doozy as well! I’m still sore from Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday! Today we warmed up with Fran. Really?! 21 thrusters, 21 pull ups, 15 thrusters, 15 pull ups, 9 thrusters, 9 pull ups. Luckily we just did it with the PVC pipe as something to get loosened up. My time was 2:46! We did back squats again! 8 sets for 4 reps. I couldn’t go as heavy as I wanted to due to muscle soreness. After back squats we did another metcon. 4 rounds for time, 200 meter run and 7 squat snatches with a 12 minute time cap. Since I just learned snatches, I used the training bar which weighs 15 pounds. I ran each round and didn’t walk any which is a HUGE deal. I feel comfortable with my snatch form somewhat. I think it will be a while before I’m using the 35 or 45 lb bar. I finished in 11:07!! I was so stoked to finish before the time cap. And I wasn’t the last person to finish! I know it’s not about that at all but I always feel like everyone is waiting on me.

Tomorrow, I won’t be able to go to the box. There is no child care on Fridays. Bummed but I think I need the rest. Maybe if the wod isn’t too crazy I can do it at the YMCA. They probably think I have quit coming anyways. I haven’t been there in a couple of weeks. Crossfit is a further drive but the pros outweigh the cons.

I can already feel a change in my body. The past 2 days I woke up really lean. Well, lean for me anyways. I’m okay with that. I’m really trying to fuel my body with the proper foods to really get the best out of my workouts. I don’t want this to go to waste at all. I want to get stronger and build muscles. I know the rest will follow suit.

My eating is back to normal somewhat. I’ve indulged in paleo treats here and there but I haven’t gone overboard or anything. I am making sure it fits in within my day. It’s been a little tough this week because we are lacking food in the house but shopping is tomorrow so we should be good to go. I think I might do a sugar detox starting Monday as well.

I might not be able to go to crossfit Monday either because I am getting my back worked on Sunday. I’m nervous to get tattooed again because it’s been my most painful spot but I am excited because I am ready to get it done. Depending on what the wod is will dictate whether I or not.


I am taking this fall/winter to really get things ready for my bakery, Gather Bakehouse. Once spring rolls around, I really want to be at the farmers markets selling paleo yummies to the triad. I am gathering (lol) props right now for my table set up. I’ll be working on menu items soon. I need to get samples together to take places so people can start placing orders even during the fall/winter. I’m excited. It’s been a year in the making. I was hoping to start this year but moving took up all of our time.

Now it is time to grab my knobby ball and my foam roller and ROLL IT OUT!

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Marathon Running

No, I am not going to start training for a marathon. I am simply using that term as an analogy. Getting fit and healthy is NOT a race. It’s a long, drawn out marathon. I have to keep telling myself this. You know what is also not a race for me? Bouncing back from a binge-festa-palooza. Last Friday it started, it progressed and was full force Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday it slowed. Yesterday it has slowed even more. And it’s not that I binged all of those days… I have had treats and haven’t gotten back to my normal eating plan yet. My meals are good and good for me but I’m still indulging in my treats.

That’s why I feel in my marathon, sweets aren’t going to be a part of it anytime soon. That’s a hard pill to swallow. America runs on Dunkin! It’s true! We run on sugar and processed simple carbs and blood sugar spikes and crashes and pick me ups and UGH! I can not have dairy for the rest of my life except butter. Butter does not bother me. It actually helps me. Higher fat (good fat) seems to kick my metabolism into high gear.

In my marathon- I have to stick to whole foods. Simple. Easy. I need to get back to my wholeLIFE journey that I had started on. I am not waiting to start Monday. I have to start NOW. I know I can do this, I have done this many times before! And you know what, before I blew it with my treats the past couple of days, I WAS WITHIN MY CALORIES AND MACROS! By like, a few numbers. And I felt good! Granted I don’t feel sick from last nights froyo so I guess that’s a plus but that doesn’t mean that I get to have it again. Nope. Not today. Not tomorrow. Next week isn’t looking promising either.

We are going to my neighbors tonight for s’mores. Well, Weston will be eating them. I know I can’t. I HAVE TO END THIS VICIOUS CYCLE. I am going to with God’s help, not mine. God’s help, not Weston’s.

So, one thing I have noticed is that if you eat paleo then you automatically have to be a crossfitter. That’s not how it really is but that is what it seems like. I guess I will get to be the stereotypical paleo eater come Monday morning because I will be starting CrossFit. People think that I have really done crossfit before but the truth is, I haven’t really. The box (gym) I’ll be going to offers free Saturday classes that are scaled down to all fitness levels. I think I have done 3-4 of those. They aren’t real classes. I mean they can be but I dunno. I have never been to a structured class, taught the moves, and coached on form. I was doing childcare for the box for a couple of weeks in exchange for a membership but life was crazy since we were getting ready to move. So I stopped that for a while. But I start back Monday morning at 9:15 at Winston Salem Crossfit. I’ll be doing child watch as well during the week. I am excited but oh so nervous to be starting. Hopefully this will help me to stay motivated and will be different enough that I won’t get bored with it!

I’ll definitely keep updating about that progress!

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