About Me

I am just another girl, trying to find my way through this life!

27 years old married to my wonderful husband, Weston. Together, we have 2 rambunctious boys who take up all of our time!

About a year and a half ago, I decided to take charge of my life and get healthy. I started eating somewhat better, introduced exercise into the equation, and starting losing weight. Realized very quickly that I struggle with food addiction. A real, crippling addiction that can take charge of your life and send you in a downward spiral. I have realized that diets don’t work. Eating 1200 calories can be devastating to your body. Paleo is the best option for me! I went paleo a little over a year ago. I discovered that I am severely gluten intolerant as well as other digestive issues. Then, August of 2013 I started reading on Leaky Gut and the Autoimmune Protocol. This blog is in short, my story and my journey through the protocol.

My goals are to just educate anyone on what they are doing to their bodies and lead them to a better way of eating. For everyone!

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I have the exercise part down but I am having some issues with the eating part. Did you find the book you mentioned helpful?

    • karaklett says:

      It wasn’t a book persay, but a couple of excerpts from books like Practical Paleo and doing some reading on thepaleomom.com website. She has a whole section dedicated to leaky gut/autoimmune protocol! I suggest checking out those two sources!

      • Cool, I will have to do that sometime in the next week. I have heard Paleo used a lot in the blogging world. I think from what I have heard it is a good approach but I don’t think I could go full Paleo.

        Thanks for your time!!

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