I have a sneaking suspicion that this is what it will be for me. Life. A lifetime commitment to eating whole foods. REAL foods. I must tell you, I am battling some craving demons hard. I have a basket of snacks for me once I can start to reintroduce more foods. Larabars, soy free dark chocolate bars, quest bars (which aren’t paleo), trail mix, cocoa dusted almonds, ughhh. I want it all now. But I must press on.

Speaking of snack foods… you know which ONE food would cause my downfall? It’s not anything I have in my house right now. Quite frankly, I cannot have this food in my house. CHEERIOS. Really? The smell is intoxicating. I could eat a whole box in one sitting. You may think that cheerios aren’t that bad but they are HIGHLY processed, full of gluten AND corn. Double whammy of bad. Not to mention the added sugar. If I could have one epic cheat, it would be a giant box of cheerios with almond milk. It’s instant, I can have just one and then I will eat all of them. They are addicting. That’s what gluten and sugar do, they are like drugs. They release the same responses in the body that some drugs do. Why do you think it’s so hard to kick a sugar habit!? It’s rough. It’s just like a drug detox.

Everything in my body seems to be getting back to normal. My new normal I guess you could call it. I’m happy about that. The scale is whatever, I am not gauging progress on that alone. If I did, surely I would fall into a deep pit of depression. I am getting stronger and my clothes are getting looser so that is what really matters.

I am hoping that once we sell our old house, maybeeeeee I can convince the hubster to let me hire a real life bodybuilding coach. I have such fitness a.d.d but it always goes back to bodybuilding. I guess that is where my heart wants to be. What that exactly means in terms of competing and what not, I don’t know. We both agree that competing is not for me. I guess whenever I find a coach when that time comes we can figure out a good goal for me. We shall see.

For now, I am focusing on fueling my body with proper nutrition and lifting my little heart out.

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